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Neighbourhood plan

This page will list all the developments and evidence being collected for the Badgers Mount Neighbourhood Plan. Note that the minutes of the Steering Group meetings are held separately on the "Minutes" tab on this website

Why have a Neighbourhood Plan?

It gives us a legal say in local planning matters. Developers can only go against constraints in a Neighbourhood Plan if they are able to convince a Planning Enquiry that the constraints should be set aside. It also allows the opportunity for a future vision for the Parish on a wide range of issues including the environment local services and all the other things which really matter to residents

What can a Neighbourhood Plan affect?

We can dictate maximum housing densities –think off-street parking leaving the roads clear. Also, a preferred mix of housing types –not just large family homes but smaller properties suitable for first-time buyers and ‘empty-nesters’ down-sizing but remaining in the community. We can also request that the character of the housing etc remains in character with the existing community.

Are there limits on what we can specify in a Neighbourhood Plan?

Yes. It cannot overrule the Sevenoaks District Council Local Plan which is currently up for approval. The exact boundaries between a District Local Plan and a Parish Neighbourhood Plan are currently a matter for discussion. We intend to work very closely with Sevenoaks District Council to help them deliver the Local Plan in a way which is welcomed by the Badgers Mount Community, in particular in what will happen in Badgers Mount Parish.

Badgers Mount Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Membership

Cllr Alistair Dunlop

Cllr John Grint
Cllr Gordon Plumb
Cllr Tracey McCartney
Cllr Simon Lake
Ms Cathy Southwood
Ms Zena Belton


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