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Badgers Mount Parish Council

Black Waste sacks available for purchase from the Parish Council

18th April 2024

As many of you are aware, the Sevenoaks District Council has made the decision to discontinue supplying black waste sacks to residents starting from April 1st. This initiative is part of their efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and promote environmentally friendly practices.

In light of this decision, the Badgers Mount Parish Council has taken proactive steps to assist our residents during this transition period. We have purchased a limited supply of black sacks from the SDC to ensure that our community members have access to them for the next couple of months or until stocks last.

If you find yourself running low on black waste bags and require them urgently, you can purchase them at a nominal price of £1.50 per roll from various locations within the village. This ensures that you can continue managing your waste effectively without disruption.

Please note that this arrangement has been organized to help the residents in the next few months or until stocks last. The stocks are limited, so please be considerate of other residents when purchasing.

The following locations will have these black waste bags available for purchase:

  1.  Badgers Mount Memorial Hall - Every Thursday during Coffee Mornings from 10:30 to 12:00 am.
  2.  Orpington Bypass from Montclare - At a pre-arranged time. Please email badgersmountclerk@gmail.com to coordinate.
  3.  Blue Haze, Highland Road - At a pre-arranged time. Please email cllrplumb@gmail.com to coordinate.
  4.  High View, Milton Avenue - At a pre-arranged time. Please email cllrdunlop@gmail.com to coordinate.
  5.  No. 1 Badgers Rise, Old London Road - At a pre-arranged time. Please email Cllrslake@gmail.com to coordinate.

During the autumn, the SDC will provide every household with a 'sack for life' for their recycling. These will replace clear recycling sacks and will cut down on single-use plastics. SDC will continue to supply residents with black sacks until March 31st and clear sacks until everyone has their recycling sack for life. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we adapt to these changes. By working together, we can continue to maintain a clean and sustainable environment for our community.

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